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Risner Spinal Center, Inc.

Risner Spinal Center, Inc. of Findlay, OH provides soothing chiropractic services for you and your family. Our clinic is led by Steven A. Risner, D.C., a Palmer College graduate. You can rely on us to help treat your aching limbs and joints.

chiropractic clinic - Findlay, OH - Risner Spinal Center, Inc.

We Treat The 8 Danger Signs:

  • Headaches
  • Nervousness
  • Painful joints
  • Loss of sleep
  • Neck, shoulder, and arm pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Pain in shoulders
  • Lower back and leg pain

We Specialize In The Following:

Postural Distortion - verifiable elements such as spastic contracture (muscle spasm), pelvic distortions, contractured (short) leg, center of gravity displacement, and deviations of the spinal vertebrae from the vertical axis are objective signs that can be measured, tested and reciprocally related to the misaligned first vertebrae (atlas). A misaligned atlas causes shortening of one leg length and causes compensatory postures often affecting the spine. As the head shifts off center, the pelvis must also shift. When the head and neck misalign, the muscles of the back will also tighten.

Anatometer - to measure body distortion, patients are measured pre (before) and post (after) on the Anatometer. The Anatometer measures the degree of vertical pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation, and the lean of the spinal column at the shoulder level.

Precision X-Ray Analysis - X-rays are taken and analyzed before any adjustment is made. X-rays determine in three planes (Sagittal, A-P, and Vertex) a resultant force vector (direction) to adjust the vertebrae back to the vertical axis. X-ray analysis will determine which category of upper cervical subluxation (misalignment) the patient has.

Adjustment Procedure - the patient lies on their side with a stable head support. The placement of the patient's skull on the headpiece is determined from the type of misalignment measured. The chiropractor determines where, how, and at what angle to stand in order to make the adjustment along the resultant force vector or correct line of drive.

Postural Correction - after the correction has taken place, both the doctor and the patient should see significant results in postural changes. When the misalignment is eliminated, the vertical axis is restored to the body, resulting in balance and homeostatis. The change is often dramatic, even when the patient has a "disc syndrome". The mechanism is thought to be caused by the tensile stress in the cord due to the traction on the Dentate ligaments as a result of the atlas (first neck bone) misalignment. The functional leg length discrepancy evens out, the muscle spasm is better immediately following the adjustment, and the straight leg raising and Anatometer readings improve accordingly.

We offer free consultations. New patients are seen as soon as possible. Our clinic is conveniently located a block west of the Findlay Mall. We accept major credit cards.

Call Risner Spinal Center, Inc. today at 419-422-7677, or visit us at 1640 Tiffin Ave., Suite B, Findlay, OH 45840. 

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